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ABB to deliver electrical and telecommunication systems to Al Nasr project in Abu Dhabi

ABB has secured contracts worth $18m with National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) to deliver electrical and telecommunication systems to Al Nasr Full field development project in Abu Dhabi.

With the new contract, NPCC will fulfil its obligations to offshore oilfield operator Abu Dhabi Marine Operating (ADMA-OPCO) under the award secured in July 2015 to carry out EPC work for the project.

The integrated solutions will increase productivity at seven wellhead towers 130km north-west of Abu Dhabi.

Under the contract, ABB will deliver electrical distribution system, including power-from-shore, covering the complete oil field.

ABB Process Automation division president Peter Terwiesch said: “Tight power and automation integration is a key element of ABB’s next level strategy to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations for our customers.”

ABB’s power management system will use the company’s control system 800xA, which integrates all components of the electrical system and enables remote operators to control the network safely.

The company’s intelligent asset management system useful for predictive maintenance will cut operating costs further and extend service-life as it reduces the risk of failures or unexpected shutdowns.

ABB will also supply 11kV and 6.6kV air-insulated and low-voltage switchgears that provide data to verify and ensure safety.

In addition, the company will provide a telecommunication system to the super complex for internal and external communication, as well as field security.

Key products included in the contract are computer networks, electronic personnel tracking, camera system, radar, public address and general alarm systems.

Other products included are access control, telephone system, radios and a transmission system between platforms.

Delivery is expected to take place in the second half of this year.

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