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Talisman halts production at Clyde platform in North Sea due to power outage

Talisman Sinopec Energy UK has temporarily stopped production at its Clyde platform in the North Sea after a power outage.

Following the incident, the company evacuated more than 100 workers from the offshore oil platform.

Talisman shifted 103 workers from a total staff of 178 onboard to the nearby Fulmar platform, which is 312km east of Dundee, Scotland, UK, in block number 30/16 and 30/11b.

The company is currently investigating the incident in order to determine the cause and re-establish power at the platform.

Located 175 miles south-east of Aberdeen, Clyde is a fixed platform and houses facilities for drilling, production, accommodation and the associated utilities.

Design work on the platform began in 1982 with installation in 1986 and first production in 1987.

The process facilities of Clyde separate production from the Clyde, Leven, Medwin and Nethan reservoirs and the Orion subsea tieback into oil, and dried natural gas.

The process system on the platform includes separation, gas dehydration, gas compression and oil and gas export facilities. Water injection and gas lift are also available to facilitate production from low yield wells.

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