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Lankhorst to supply mooring lines for Shell’s Appomattox development in Gulf of Mexico

Shell Offshore has selected Lankhorst Ropes to supply mooring lines for the company’s Appomattox deep-water development in the Gulf of Mexico 130km off Louisiana, US.

The semi-submersible, four-column production platform will be located about 140 nautical miles south-east of New Orleans.

Shell will use 16 mooring lines arranged in 4×4 clusters to moor the platform in approximately 7,200ft of water.

As part of the agreement, Lankhorst will supply 78 rope lengths totalling more than 63km of the company’s Gama 98 polyester deepwater mooring rope with minimum breaking strength of 21,545kN.

The company will manufacture the ropes at its plant in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, which produces offshore mooring systems.

Lankhorst Ropes offshore sales director Neil Schulz said: “Our continued investment in our state-of-the-art deepwater rope manufacturing facilities now allow gross reel weights up to 250t.

“This enables us to supply two ropes per reel for this project, giving a gross reel weight of 130t.”

Shell announced the final investment decision to advance the Appomattox development last July.

The decision authorised the company to ahead with construction and installation of the floating platform in the Gulf.

The development will initially produce from the Appomattox and Vicksburg fields, with average peak production estimated to reach about 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day.

Shell operates the project with 79% interest and the remaining 21% is owned by Nexen Petroleum Offshore.

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