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Woodside Petroleum and North West Shelf JV approve $2b Greater Western Flank project

Woodside Petroleum and the North West Shelf (NWS) project joint venture (JV) participants have approved the $2bn Greater Western Flank Phase 2 (GWF-2) project off the north-west coast of Australia.

Woodside and partners will develop 1.6 trillion cubic feet of raw gas from the combined Keast, Dockrell, Sculptor, Rankin, Lady Nora and Pemberton fields.

The gas will be piped to the existing Goodwyn A platform using subsea infrastructure, as well as a 35km, 16in pipeline.

Gas production from the new fields is due to start in the second half of 2019.

Gas delivery is set to begin from five wells in the Lady Nora, Pemberton, Sculptor and Rankin fields, with the other three wells in the Keast and Dockrell fields developed later and production starting by mid-2020.

Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said GWF-2 project will leverage the company’s experience in delivering major subsea tieback projects and deliver value.

Coleman said: “The GWF-2 Project continues a series of NWS Project subsea tiebacks that are commercialising its gas reserves in a timely and efficient manner to extend plateau production.”

Woodside Energy operates the NWS project with a 16.67% stake.

Other partners include BHP Billiton Petroleum (16.67%), BP Developments Australia (16.67%), Chevron Australia (16.67%), Japan Australia LNG (16.67%), and Shell Australia (16.67%).

The GWF-2 development represents the next phase in gas supply to the existing NWS project’s Goodwyn platform and seeks to develop six hydrocarbon fields in its vicinity.

The existing development concept comprises eight production wells developed in four drill centres and tied back to the platform.

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