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BG co-funds natural gas research centre in Brazil

BG Brasil, a BG Group company and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) have launched the new Gas Innovation Research Centre (GIC) at University of São Paulo’s (USP) Polytechnic School in Brazil.

The centre will research how to increase natural gas in the region’s future energy mix as well as gas utilisation in the Latin America as well as the Caribbean region.

BG South America CEO Nelson Silva said: “This initiative was developed to invest in innovation in order to better understand how we can use natural gas today and in the future.

“This is an important part of the legacy of BG Brasil to Brazilian academia and industry.”

FAPESP will invest R$27m ($6.9m) in the centre and BG Brasil will invest R$30m ($7.6m).

The centre’s researchers will receive institutional and administrative support from USP.

GIC will perform research that will focus on engineering, physical chemistry, and energy policy and economics of natural gas as part of the energy system.

BG Group chief technology officer Adam Hillier said: “We look forward to seeing this centre contribute to the development of new technologies to increase gas utilisation and improve energy efficiency.

“Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of the hydrocarbon fuels and we believe that it can play an important role in the Brazilian energy system.”

FAPESP scientific director Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz said: “The centre will contribute to making the Brazilian energy matrix, particularly São Paulo, even more aligned with policies that provide a substantial reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases.”

Research at GIC will be conducted in collaboration with researchers at USP’s Polytechnic School, Energy and Environment Institute, the São Carlos Institute of Chemistry, and the Faculty of Law, along with São Paulo’s Nuclear Energy Research Institute, and BG Brasil’s engineers.

The Sustainable Gas Institute, a research partnership between Imperial College London and BG Group will also work with the centre.

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